To the Lost Ones,

Your passion and enthusiasm for the Moretti Borgata and the secrets we protect means you matter to this world. Nova has this thing about loyalty. We both do.  The borgata has decided to open the books and is extending invitations for beta readers.  To those who choose to join the fight, our darkest secrets will be unveiled one chapter at a time behind the scenes of this website. Full disclosure, it gets deep in these next parts, and you’ll be part of our crew, the first to see what happens… So tread lightly.

By taking the oath you are vowing to keep all spoilers completely silent beyond the safety of our crew until the finished novel is released. Any sharing of secrets to the outside world is not recommended. Joining means you are part of this family. That’s intense. Maybe keeping our particular brand of secrets is not the life for you. 

Just think about it. 

Al Vostro Servizio, 

Valentino Moretti, Head Website Enforcer