First post! By yours truly, Valentino Moretti.

Too bad it isn’t very exciting. 

Just announcements, rules and regulations, but I’ll do my best. 

 In this section, the people featured in Kele’s stories will make blog posts from time to time, share recipes, tips, ideas, etc. . . Not just my crew, but anyone featured in one of the vault books has an open invitation to post. It’ll be interesting to see who shows up. We’ll answer questions when we can, so feel free to ask. 

As for Enforcer’s Revenge, life can be crazy in the borgata, but the plan is one new chapter every Monday and we are excited to share it with you. This is our story. It’s how it happened, even the ugly parts, but this is still a beta copy. If you are here, you are now part of the process. Your enthusiasm will be the fuel that keeps the train moving, and we want to find all the errors that could hurt the reading experience for outsiders. Kele is only human. Her memory of things isn’t as sharp as Nova’s. Some facts slip through, no matter how many times we tell her. If you see a typo, a continuity problem, or issues with language, culture, location, etc. . . feel free to tell us in the comments section on the bottom of the chapter you’re reading. 

 You are also welcome to comment on any previously published books with typos, and the files will be updated periodically. 

 Truly, your help is appreciated. 

 Now the not so fun stuff. 

 Because apparently my oath wasn’t detailed enough.  

 Fine print the administration made me add:

 The place behind these walls is protected by the Moretti Borgata, stepping in means you accept the rules. 


1) This is a safe place. An enforcer is always around, so be kind to each other. We’re all family first and foremost and anyone who tries to mess with our family will be asked to leave. So let it be stated: No hate. No drama. No trolling. If you think it’ll piss us off, it probably will—so don’t do it.  

2) In regards to the secrets you are about to be privy to. Do you understand we are trusting you with these things? Don’t break that trust. Don’t share anything posted here, either by the administration or by other members. That includes, but is not limited to, stories, cut scenes, blog posts, comments or reviews, and anything else that shows up as words, images, video or sound on this website. We want you to be excited on social media, but be cautious of spoilers so we don’t ruin it for people who want to wait until the story is done. Essentially, treat what you read here like you would your own secrets and you’ll be fine. Respect the family, and you’ll always have a place. 

3) Keep comments respectful, both to the author and to the other members commenting. We appreciate and look forward to feedback, but if you can’t be positive, at the very least be constructive. It wastes time, and our time is very valuable. No one wants to waste the borgata’s time. That’s bad for everyone. 

 Fine print to the fine print: I’ll just point out, all those rules they made me type out for no reason is covered by the oath—Don’t be a fucking asshole—but whatever, they got their fine print. They always do. 

 Off to do the Thanksgiving thing. 

 Be safe. Be smart. Always look both ways before crossing.

 I’ll see you soon,


Kele MoontinoComment