Chapter Thirteen

After she left, Brianna just stood there staring at the wood. When she was certain Carina was in the elevator, Brianna flipped the lock, but she didn’t move. 

“You let me fuck you like you were one of them.” Tino’s voice shook with fury. “You promised you’d never let that happen again.”

“I tried—” 


Brianna jumped when Tino threw his coffee mug. Then she glared when she saw that another dish was shattered on the floor. Sugary, milky coffee was spreading out over the white tile and she screamed in repressed anger and fear. 

“You’re cleaning that up!” Brianna gestured wildly to the kitchen. “You Morettis are all great at breaking shit, but then you leave me to pick up your messes! I’m not doing it this time!” 

“Oh, you take that back.” Tino’s voice was taunting and dangerous. “You know I love cleaning up messes for you.”

Tino licked his lips and quirked that one dark eyebrow. Brianna felt her face heat, but she refused to rise to his bait. 

“How come you didn’t tell her?” Tino smiled that same dark smile he gave Carina earlier. “You don’t want her to know what a naughty girl you are?”


“I dunno, though, I sorta liked her idea. Let’s play with pain. She doesn’t need to know the dirty details. I’ll keep your secrets for you.” Tino made a point to step around the broken cup as he walked towards her. “I say it’s my call since you owe me and that’s one you’ve been holding out on.”

I owe you,” Brianna repeated incredulously. “Are you fucking serious right now? Do you have any idea the shit you said to me last night?”

“Yeah, I do. Unfortunately for me, I remember all of it.” Tino’s voice cracked when he said it. He took a shuddering breath as he stopped in front of her. His dark eyes were glassy with pain and unshed tears. “Jesus, I’m sorry, baby.”

She sighed and reached for him, but he flinched away. 

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he croaked, “Hate me.”

She shook her head as her eyes stung too. “Nope.”

“Hurt me,” he pleaded. 

Brianna knew he was serious. A very damaged part of him wanted her to treat him the way Mary used to. He thought he deserved it to the point that he caused all this trouble. He was desperate enough to give her a reason to hurt him. The problem was, Brianna loved him so completely, she was fairly certain that reason didn’t exist. Not in her world, so she fought back her tears and reminded him, “You don’t want me to be her. You don’t want me to have those demons.”

“I don’t want you to have any demons. I didn’t want you to hear about those things. Amore mio. My baby. My Bri.” Tino leaned down and pressed his lips to the curve of her neck. “Put me on my knees. Keep me there. I don’t wanna go to Father Nicolaowith these ones.”

“Okay.” Brianna ran her fingers through his messy, black hair, pushing it away from his face. “But, I’m worried about your feet. You’re still bleeding.”

“Later. Lemme bleed.” Tino pulled at the tie to her robe. He pulled it open, and took another shuddering breath as he looked at her naked body. “I’m sorry I’m broken.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Brianna used her hold on his hair to force him down. 

Tino fell to his knees. He slipped the robe off her body, and then wrapped both of his hands around her waist. He pulled her into a tight hug as he pressed his face against the valley between her tits. 

Brianna tugged the towel off her hair, and tossed it to the side. Then, they stayed there for a while, with only Tino’s heavy breathing cutting through the silence. Brianna knew he was fighting against breaking down, so she let him have the time he needed. 

Her eyes were closed as she silently prayed for Tino’s soul.  She caressed his hair while she did it, hoping God gave Tino a pass if he wasn’t able to confess some of his darker sins. Others thought Mafiosi like Tino, Carlo and Nova were simply criminals. Brianna thought of them more like soldiers. Serving and protecting their empire was vital. It was expected. It was ingrained since birth far more forcefully than patriotism. 

She sucked in a sharp breath when Tino fanned his thumb over her right nipple. She opened her eyes to see him studying it as he circled the pink areola with his fingers, making it bead up from the shock of pleasure. 

Knowing he wanted to stay on his knees, Brianna tugged his hair and said, “Lower,” until Tino fell back on his haunches. Then she kneeled on his thighs, which would be uncomfortable if not impossible for most men, forcing him to bear all her weight like that. Tino just grunted in approval as Brianna used her hold on his hair to force his mouth to her nipple. “Suck it.”

Her stomach muscle clenched when he did as told and sucked the pink tip into his mouth. The rush of bliss was still shocking, barreling through her like a freight train. Tino moved over to the other one, tugging it with his teeth before he licked and sucked it. 

The situation was so highly charged, Brianna wasn’t surprised by how wet she got, aching, desperate for something more than teasing. She reached down, feeling the long, thick outline of his cock through his jeans and she couldn’t resist pulling at the button to them. 

Tino released her nipple, swiping his tongue over the peak one more time before he leaned back on his forearms, putting himself on display under her. They both watched as Brianna pulled his zipper down. Tino liked to see her hands on his cock, and Brianna just liked looking at him. 

He didn’t have any underwear on, so his dick sprang free. She stroked the length of it, savoring the warm, hard feel of him. Tino grabbed her hand, and she thought for a moment he was stopping her, until he pulled at the black hair tie on her wrist. 

“You don’t have it?” she asked as she tried to jerk her hand back, but Tino wasn’t letting go. “You didn’t grab it from my drawer?”

“No.” He shook his head and slipped the band off her wrist. “My sister was here and I wasn’t thinking about grabbing a cock ring to get coffee. This’ll work. I’ve used them in a pinch.”

He’d never used them with her, but Brianna decided not to remind him. It wasn’t a huge secret where he picked up the fetishes she was currently catering to. 

“What if it’s dangerous?” Brianna asked as she watched him wrap the band around the base of his cock. “Are you supposed to double it like that? Don’t tie too tight.”

“It’s only for a few minutes. Then I’ll take you to bed and do it right. I’m gonna use my tongue and dick to get you off for hours.” Tino wrapped a hand around her back and forced her forward to suck on her tits once more. “I’m not taking it off this time. I want you to use me all fucking day.”

“What if I like the feel of you cumming inside me?” she asked as she went back to fisting his hair and holding him to her. “What if I like it messy?”

“You just screamed to the whole building that you weren’t cleaning up my messes anymore,” Tino reminded her. “You said you’re sick of it.”

Brianna quirked an eyebrow at him. “Yeah, well, you just said you love helping me clean them up.” 

“Naughty girl.” Tino moved her legs, forcing her to straddle him more completely while he stayed on his haunches. He licked his thumb, doing it slowly, meeting her gaze until he reached down and rubbed it over the line of her pussy. “Wet for me.”

Brianna smiled. “Always.”

She closed her eyes when he spread her and found her clit. Then she went ahead and fell back against her hands, using a lifetime of dance training to lean back and enjoy his touch. 

Tino placed his other hand behind her back, forcing her to arch into him as he slid two fingers deep inside her, stretching her, making her gasp and jerk against him. She was so wet, it made her thighs sticky while he finger fucked her and leaned down to suck on her tits once more.  

She didn’t bother to be quiet as the pleasure built, making her body quiver as it fought for release. Tino didn’t force it, he wasn’t in a rush to hear her. This wasn’t a sprint of ecstasy he was looking to drag out of her—it was a marathon. 

Which was why it shocked her when he rubbed his fingers against her g-spot, applying pressure in just the right way to make the pleasure spring free, hard, slamming into her almost violently. She cried out and her pussy clenched around his fingers to the pulse of her climax and he kept stroking her g-spot, milking the bliss to the point that her arms couldn’t support her weight. Tino caught her, pulling her back over him, his finger still deep inside her. 

Tino dragged his tongue up her neck and whispered in her ear, “Fuck, you’re sexy, you got my whole hand soaked.”

Brianna jerked at that, and tried to turn her head away, because sometimes when she came really hard it felt like her body betrayed her. 

“No, don’t do that. It’s hot. I told you that.” Tino was practically vibrating under her, breathless with lust. “Thank God I stole the fucking hair tie, I would’ve cum when you started squirting.”

“Don’t call it that.” She tried to pull away from him. “You make it sound so ugly and dirty when you give it that name.”

“Nothing about you is ugly. And I like dirty. I know you do too.” Tino slid the hand on her back lower. Brianna’s breath caught when he slipped his index finger between her ass cheeks. Her eyes grew wide when he traced the rim of her hole, softly, but not pushing in. “I’ll put it anywhere you want to today, baby.” 

“You said—” Her entire body was tight with anticipation now. “You said that we couldn’t, ‘cause Carina told you—”

“Fuck what Carina told me,” Tino cut her off with a growl. “If I corrupted you, or taught you wrong, it’s too fucking late now. I want you to feel good. We’re doing whatever the fuck you want. Do you want it?”

Brianna nodded, her chest still tight with the breathlessness of anticipation, because it’d been months since Tino took away that particular indulgence. Most of the time he attempted to keep them on the straight and narrow, trying to find the normal most people achieved so easily. Unless he fell off the wagon and was begging her to use him and punish him for the day. 

Then, apparently, all bets were off. 

“I want it.” She couldn’t keep the longing out of her voice as she reached between them and stroked his dick, feeling it jerk in her hand as she licked at the curve of his neck. His skin was slightly salty, masculine, making her think she could almost taste the adrenaline on him. “Will you use your fingers too? Finger fuck me while you’re taking me like that. Just completely fill me up.”


His entire body jolted, and he pulled his hand away from her and slammed it against the tile, like he suddenly needed support. He arched his hips while she stroked him, and then dropped his head back, making it obvious he’d missed it too, even if he hadn’t complained about it like Brianna had. 

Tino used his hold on her hip to pull her closer to him. He grabbed her hand, making her release him, and arched his hips so that his cock slid against her wet pussy. He grunted with pleasure from just the feel of her against him. 

“You’re the one who saves me.” He fisted his dick, and tugged on her hip again, making his intention clear. “You’re the one who heals me. That’s it. It’s just you.” When Brianna leaned up to take him in her, letting the thick head of his cock breech her, making the pleasure dance over her skin, Tino groaned and dropped his head back. He was obviously lost in the ecstasy as rasped, “Fuck, yes, baby. Use me.”

Brianna moaned too, her small nails digging into his shoulders as the shimmer of pleasure washed over her. Then Tino threaded his fingers into her hair, not pulling it like he had last night. Instead he was gentle, reverent, when he captured her lips with his. She parted, letting his tongue slip into her mouth to brush against hers as she started moving over him. She surrendered to the pleasure of it, letting Tino guide her movement over him with his hold on her hip. They swallowed each other’s moans and gasps of pleasure until Brianna was clinging to Tino, shaking over him, and coming for a second time. 

He didn’t follow her into the abyss, but then, she knew he wouldn’t. 

She hadn’t even caught her breath before he stood with her, still in her, forcing Brianna to wrap her arms and legs around him as Tino carried her to the bedroom. He kicked the door closed behind them and fell onto the bed with her. 

Then he reached past her to the nightstand and jerked the drawer open. He wasn’t casual about it, his hands were shaking, from what she wasn’t sure. Repressed lust, or the horrors from the night before he thought he was repenting for. Maybe it was a combination as he pulled out the books she kept at the front to hide the things in the back. He set the handcuffs next to the lamp to be forgotten until another day. The lube he threw over by the pillow. He tossed condoms there too. Even though they weren’t dependent on condoms for birth control, sometimes they used them when he fucked her ass so he could fuck her pussy again afterwards without a shower. Tino had a whole collection of tricks like that.  Brianna would’ve never in a million years thought to have Tino use something like the cock ring he found in the back of the drawer. 

Tino pulled off the hair tie he had wrapped around his cock, and leaned down to replace it with the small, clear, silicone ring. It was so inconspicuous; it would be easy to dismiss. Brianna was sure a lot of women had, but she acknowledged it as she reached down to touch him. She traced her fingers over the band at the base of his cock as she reached up to wrap her hand around the back of his neck and pull his head down. 

She kissed him, open mouthed, their tongues brushing before their lips met. It was one of those wet, dirty kisses Tino taught her to crave. It reminded her of the first time she felt his hands on her. When she’d been only sixteen, sweaty and high on ecstasy Dominic Brambino had maliciously slipped her, not knowing he was giving her one of the best memories of her life when Tino came to her rescue. She could stay there all day, living in the past, kissing Tino and tormenting herself with the fresh surge of lust that surged through her system, but she didn’t.

Knowing what he needed from her, Brianna turned her head and grasped his shoulder. She pushed hard, forcing him to move down her body, sucking on her tits, licking at belly button before he slid off the bed. Tino fell to his knees on the floor, and Brianna moved to spread her thighs wide, leaving herself open for him. She fisted his hair once more, pulling him forward, forcing him to taste her and she could feel his groan against her pussy when he licked the seam of it. 

Then he spread her with his thumbs, leaving her open and exposed, as he sucked on her clit. Brianna gasped and pushed her hips up. “Use your fingers.”

Tino did it without complaining. Brianna knew she could ask him to do anything when he was in the mindset, but feeling him stretch her with his fingers, making her clench around them as he licked and sucked at her clit was more than enough. 

Brianna came fast, this time with her hand over her mouth to stifle the screams. Even if Carina wasn’t home, they did have neighbors and Tino had her feeling bold, loud, and powerful this afternoon.

She was still quivering when he stopped licking her and kept finger fucking her, making her almost too sensitive to endure it. A part of her wanted to pull away, but instead she took a shuddering breath and forced herself to go into the pleasure that razor sharp, intense, making it impossible to think about anything but the feel of his touch. 

It got even more extreme when he started licking her again, but Brianna didn’t deny him. If Tino thought it healed him, she was willing to give him that. She knew he needed to be on his knees long enough to let the demons to recede. She had to let Tino repent in this way, because if not, he would likely pick fights with everyone he loved in hopes of getting them to hate him. To punish him. To hurt him because Brianna wouldn’t. Usually, Tino understood he wasn’t the person Mary tried really hard to convince him he was. He wasn’t disgusting. He wasn’t worthless. He certainly didn’t deserve to be hurt and punished for mistakes. Most of the time he knew it, but sometimes he forgot. 

Like Brianna told Carina, Tino needed time to reset. 

The next orgasm was even more violent, stealing her breath and pulsing through her entire body to the point that every muscle she had felt gooey and weak from the bliss. It could’ve stopped there and she would’ve passed out from exhaustion, but it didn’t stop. 

He stayed on his knees for hours 

By that time, Brianna was sticky with sweat. Her hair was clinging to the back of her neck and her shoulders. Her pussy ached from too many orgasms and he hadn’t even fucked her a second time. 

Tino just crawled into bed, grabbed the lube and leaned down to lick her shoulder as he breathed against her sensitive skin, “Roll over, baby.”

Brianna was lazy as she rolled over under him, thighs spread, cheek resting on her arm, face hidden by still damp hair. She honestly wished she wasn’t quite so sated by all the orgasms. Usually, this particular indulgence happened when she was wound tight, on the verge of almost scared. Those times when Tino was extra dominant, wanting to own all of her, primal and determined to leave his mark everywhere. Sometimes Tino wanted to claim her completely, and Brianna wanted to let him. She wasn’t sure what that said about her, but it made the anal sex smoking hot. 

This time Tino’s touch was soft as he leaned over her on all fours and traced his fingers down the long curve of her spine. His lips followed his touch, gentle, still full of worship, before he was tracing his tongue over her puckered hole and she was spreading her thighs wider to let him. 

It was nice, still lazy, but certainly not the way she always fantasized about when she fingered herself on the nights when Tino was off doing things she never wanted to know about. 

Then he got the lube and used slick fingers to stretch her. It was easy to pretend then, because there was something about feeling his fingers forcing her to loosen up for him that was on the edge of too dark no matter why he was doing it. 

Brianna liked the dark. 

She craved the edge. 

She wouldn’t be able to survive in Cosa Nostra if she didn’t. 

There was a side of her that needed a hard man, and they weren’t easy to come by these days. When she was out in the real world, she found herself feeling impatient with the men she encountered. There was no raw survival instinct, no primal protection mechanism, and she wasn’t sure how their partners dealt with that. Brianna could barely tolerate them waiting in line at the coffee shop, whining over their lattes taking too long.

She’d never once seen Tino wait for anything. 

Or Nova. 

Or Carlo. 

Certainly not the Don. 

People tripped over themselves to get everything done for them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Even those who had no idea what Cosa Nostra was sensed something, that intangible pulse of danger and authority that Brianna found so compelling. 

She couldn’t give this to just any man. Brianna’s life was pain. She hurt herself every day for her art, and outside it they all lived constantly on the precipice of danger. Only a man who could truly understand her, out maneuver her, out run her, out muscle her and outsmart her could have her spread out, with her hands fisted in her sheets and her face pressed against her pillow when he fell against her. His weight was stealing her breath, but she didn’t care as he growled, “Stay open for me.”

She spread her thighs wider as Tino grabbed his cock and pushed in. He was so thick and it’d been months since they’d done this. A low keening cry burst out of Brianna, and she didn’t bother to bite the sheets to silence herself. It hurt, but God, she loved it. She’d missed it, especially with the surge of icy hot pleasure that rippled through her. 

Forget waiting for Tino to do it, Brianna reached down and fingered herself, rubbing her g-spot with two fingers, making white spots appear behind her closed eyelids. Tino’s breath caught. The grunt of pleasure from him made a fresh sheen of goosebumps spread over Brianna’s sensitive skin as he pushed in, slowly owning her. He hadn’t bothered with condoms, so it was just skin on skin, and maybe that was what changed his gears when he bottomed out in her. 

Suddenly his hand was in her hair, hard, fisting it and jerking her head back. Brianna gasped as he thrust hard against her, even though he was already buried deep. She instinctively reached out and grabbed one of the poles on her rod iron headboard, pushing back against him because her voice was completely gone. She couldn’t beg for him to fuck her powerfully, dominantly, almost mean, but she wanted to. 

Luckily, she didn’t have to ask.

The worship was done as he began taking her hard, his hand still tight in her hair, forcing her to arch back against him. She started rubbing her clit while Tino bit and sucked on her neck and shoulder—marking her. 

She’d need make up for practice tomorrow, but who gave a fuck?

Stage makeup could cover anything. 

When she came it was loud, violent, as she dropped her head against the pillow and curved forward while her entire body quaked. She could feel her clit pulsing against her fingers as the orgasm stole everything from her. At the same time, she pulled Tino down with her. He started slamming against her harder, faster, jerking her head back and forcing her out of her hiding place once more.

“You’re mine,” he rasped like something about the night made him extra possessive. “I will fucking kill any man who touches you. Kill him slowly. Painfully. No one but me is ever touching you, Brianna. You hear me? You’re mine.” He bit hard at the curve of her neck and then growled against her ear. “Only mine.”

“Mm, yeah.” Her body was still shuddering with aftershocks of pleasure. “Only yours.” She reached back and rubbed a hand reassuringly down his side. “I promise.”

It took them a while to come down after that. Brianna had collapsed against the bed. Tino fell over her, still in her, making breathing hard, but she didn’t care as he kissed her sweaty neck and whispered endearments to her in a combination of Italian. He licked at the marks he left, soothing them, even if he couldn’t take them back. 

“God, baby, you’re so strong. So powerful.” He ran a hand down her thigh as he said it. “I like taking you like that,” he confessed as though it was a guilty pleasure. “I like owning the toughest bitch in New York.”

She laughed. “I dunno about that.”

“I do.” He sounded like he meant it too. “You’re a fucking goddess.”

“Okay.” She rolled her eyes when she realized they were still playing that game. 

“You’re gonna be sore tomorrow. You’re gonna feel me all day at practice.” Tino sounded pleased with himself. “I’m gonna feel you too. It chaffs like hell when I do it without a condom. We both need a shower.”

“Desperately,” she agreed with a giggle. She felt high in the aftermath, stoned silly on pleasure. “And I’m making you wash all the hard to reach places.”

“I love your hard to reach places,” Tino said without missing a beat. He licked at the curve of her neck and whispered in her ear, “Lead the way, naughty girl.”

The apartment she lived in with Carina was Cosa Nostra extravagant. The shower in her bathroom was massive enough to allow Brianna and Tino to sit on the Italian tiled floor with plenty of room to spare. She had his feet in her lap as she worked with tweezers to pull the glass out. Fortunately, the light was extra bright, and one by one she was able to remove the tiny shards of punishment he inflicted on himself earlier. The water swirled pink around them, but neither of them were fazed by it. 

Then, when she had dropped the last piece of shattered, thousand-dollar china down the drain, Brianna ran her fingers over the cuts. She wasn’t gentle about it because she was searching for any she might have missed. 

She looked at Tino. “You feel any more?”

He shook his head. “Nope.”

“You’re good?” 

Tino nodded and gave her one of those Tino smiles. “I’m good, babe.”

“Are you?” She dropped the tweezers as she stared at him earnestly. “You’re sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Tino obviously knew she wasn’t talking about broken china. “You heal me.”

She smiled and rubbed at his feet once more, because she knew it wasn’t true. Some scars were too deep to heal, but she liked to think she could fix it with one afternoon of fucking. 

Obviously, he liked to think so too. 

She was a professional performer and he was an enforcer. 

Tino and Brianna could play pretend better than just about anyone.  

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