Chapter Three

The music still pulsed, vibrating the floor beneath them when they found the door labeled with Tino’s name. It was done with one of those office label makers. The edges were peeling, but the warning was still very clear. 

Tino Moretti

Always on 

Enter at your own risk, Motherfuckers

Brianna giggled when she saw it, because she was slightly drunk. Carina had showed up on her roller-skates, booze and shot glass in hand and demanded they take a birthday shot with her more than once, but it wasn’t just the alcohol. Brianna was buzzed on Tino and moving against him in the red mist all night. She became addicted to the dizzying shock of dancing in the chilly December air with the press of their bodies and the heat lamps making it warm where it shouldn’t be.

At some point in the night, Tino abandoned his jacket and guns, leaving them with his brother to deal with. Brianna had pushed his black t-shirt up, forcing the bottom of it over his neck so that his chest was bare and only his shoulders were covered. It wasn’t like Tino was shy about his body, and Brianna loved touching him. All night she ran her fingers over the smooth, sweaty ridges of his cut abs, and the hard press of his muscular chest against her back as he ground against her like he was doing right now. 

Instead of opening the door, Tino pushed her against it as he kissed the curve of her neck. He thrust his hips against the small of her back, forcing her to feel his hard cock through his jeans. He’d been hard most of the night. Now both of them were so wound up and turned on they were practically vibrating. They could’ve come upstairs a lot earlier, but they teased themselves instead, getting high off dancing and the attention because they were easily the most talented couple at the party. 

Tino always made Brianna feel sexy as hell on the dance floor. 

He said it was her, but Brianna knew that wasn’t wholly true. Like all Morettis Tino commanded attention. It didn’t matter what they were doing, people were captivated and Tino was a natural performer. Brianna was too, so they danced until they couldn’t stand the sexual tension for one more second—now they were here—desperate. 

“Are you wet for me?” Tino ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, beneath her skirt. Brianna’s breath caught and Tino noticed. “Scared?” he asked, his voice low and husky in a way that gave her chills. “What am I gonna find if I touch it?”

He brushed his fingers against her panties, right between her thighs, making her entire body clench when that tiny touch sent a shock of pleasure through her. She reached for the doorknob, but Tino caught her wrist with his other hand. 

“Nah, I don’t think so.” Tino forced her hand against the door and trapped her there. Brianna gasped when he slipped his fingers inside her panties. She jerked against him, trying to push him away because the hallway was empty, but not for long. She could hear the giggling on the stairs where people were hanging out, and she was about to say something when Tino whispered in her ear, “Just be quiet, no one will know.” 

 “Bullshit, they won’t know. Tino—” Her breath caught again when he circled her clit. “Oh my God, you’re really doing this to me? Right here?”

“Fuck, yes, I am.” He licked and sucked at the back of her neck, making all the fine hairs there stand on end. 

Brianna gasped when Tino pushed first one and then two fingers in her, stretching her and then rubbing them both against her g-spot. If anything that was worse, Tino finger fucking her like this, leaving her full and aching to the point that she wanted to push against his hand like she would if they weren’t likely being watched. 

Instead she was near frozen, the clash of fear and pleasure making her lightheaded. Then she heard the giggling getting closer, and Tino pressed tighter against her. He brought his left arm up, placing his forearm against the door so that she could hide her face. He was wrapped around her, hiding her with his broad, muscular body to the point that no one would be able to see who she was, even if she wasn’t still wearing a mask, which she was.

That didn’t make her feel better, because despite what Tino wanted to believe, most of the people in the Cosa Nostra circles knew Tino and Brianna were involved. Tino made the effort to hide it, since enforcers weren’t technically allowed girlfriends and he was worried about her reputation considering his history—but people knew. 

Everyone on that dance floor knew it was Brianna dancing like that for him. A mask wasn’t going to hide her identity, especially when they were showing off like they had been and that was fine. Brianna wanted people to know. She grew up in Cosa Nostra. Most of their ideals rubbed off, including the vain need for everyone to know Tino was hers. If she had her choice, they’d finally get married. To be together in front of God and everyone. The two of them had been talking about it more and more, but she didn’t think he’d take her quite this literally when she said she wanted the world to know she belonged to him.

The giggling stopped, turning to hushed and scandalized whispers, making it obvious that even if those girls couldn’t see who Tino was hiding, they knew what the two of them were doing. 

“Look at you turning pink,” Tino whispered as he kept kissing her neck, shielding her and finger fucking her at the same time. “I like you shy. Very sexy.” His voice got a little nostalgic, like he was seeing something he didn’t fully understand as he said, “Tell me what it’s like.” 

Brianna’s breath caught once more, because she understood what he was asking. Life had been extremely cruel to Tino. Shame and pride had died a long time ago for him. So much so, he couldn’t conceptualize it, but he still wanted to touch it. To understand somehow. 

Brianna wasn’t always the best one to help him. The only sexual experience she had was with him, but she was willing to give it her best shot. They taught each other since the moment they first came together as a former sex slave and a virgin, trying to find a normal in their world that was anything but normal. 

“Tell me,” he pressed, keeping her there, touching her in the hallway, even if everyone likely knew what they were doing. “I wanna know.”

All the fight went out of her. 

If Tino wanted to know, Brianna wanted to tell him. 

“Hot and cold, sweaty, but it’s icy sweat. I feel it on the back of my neck.” Tino licked her neck in response. She moaned and dipped her head lower, giving him better access. “My face is on fire, but I feel it in my stomach too. I feel it everywhere.” She closed her eyes, trying very hard to find a way to describe the strange mixture of embarrassment and desire. It felt like every nerve ending in her body was electric. She was high strung and hyperaware of every touch. “I’m just here,” she whispered, still fighting to sort out her thoughts past the haze of pleasure and shame. “That’s the only place I am. Right here with you. I can’t think about anything else.” 

“So it’s like fear,” Tino mused, making it obvious he was trying to understand. “When it’s fight or die. You’re just stuck in the moment and it feels like everything’s in slow motion.” 

“Yeah.” She nodded. “It’s not like fear, it is fear. That’s what it is.”

“No, it’s not. You just think it is. Fear is when you’re in danger, but you’re not in danger. Look at who’s wrapped around you, protecting you. No one’s touching you,” Tino whispered it into her hair, his breath hot against her neck. “You’re my Goddess. My queen. I’d do anything for you. I’d blow apart armies for you. I’d move fucking mountains for you and you know it. You’re safe. It’s not fear, baby.”

“No, I-I guess it’s not,” she stuttered, not doubting her safety for one moment because she believed him without thought. He was still fingering her, pushing against that sensitive place inside her over and over again, forcing the pleasure to build until the throb of it started to erase the other feelings. “I don’t know what it is, then. I can’t t-think.”

“It’s an adrenaline rush,” Tino went on, like he figured out exactly what it was. “It’s a high. This shit gets people off. Big time. Feel it for both of us. Get off on it for me.”

Brianna let out a shuddering moan, giving into the rush Tino would never be able to feel. She reached behind her, and fisted Tino’s hair, holding him to her, needing the anchor when she gave up doing anything other than feeling what he was forcing her to feel. 

She pressed her face against the bulge of Tino’s bicep, breathing him in, being there with him. She tightened her hold on his hair because giving into the pleasure made the pulse of it a thousand times more intense. She bit at the sleeve of his shirt, trying to hide her gasps when the bliss welled up and started washing over her with startling intensity. She ended up pushing against his hand, shamelessly, fighting for the climax. 

She cried out when it slammed in her. Then she bit into the meaty muscle of his bicep. She couldn’t help herself, and Tino groaned because he usually liked the hurt. He stroked her faster, extending the pleasure that surged through her body, blinding when she was so trapped in the moment, still hyperaware of the laughter drifting up from the stairway, and the girls somewhere farther down the hallway. 

Maybe they were watching, or maybe they had moved on. 

It didn’t matter, the climax stole everything, including the shame. When it finally started to pass, Brianna felt herself losing her footing. Not common, when her entire life revolved around poise and balance. Tino caught her like he promised he would. Too quick for her to process when she was still dizzy, he wrapped one arm around her waist and turned the knob. 

Once they were in the room, Tino kicked the door shut. Then they were both lost, heavy, weighted with lust. The tile was cold against her knees, harsh and unforgiving when she fell hard enough that it hurt. 

“I’m sorry,” Tino panted as he pulled at her top, forcing it over her head and taking her mask with it. “I’m sorry, baby. I’m sorry.”

He was chanting it, and Brianna knew why. It wasn’t about her bruised knees, but in the same breathless rush she was saying, “It’s okay. It’s okay, baby. It’s okay,” even as he ripped the clothes off her until she was on her hands and knees in nothing but her very expensive dancer heels that were designed to stay where they were. She gasped when he fisted her hair, pulling her head back, but still she said, “It’s okay,” as she bowed into his hold rather than fight it. 

She was still right there with him, fully in the present as he pulled her hair with one hand as he undid the button to his jeans with the other. She shuddered at the sound of his zipper being lowered. In the next moment he was over her. She was still wet, so very sensitive, and she moaned at the feel of him rubbing his cock down the seam of her pussy. She knew it was coming, but she still cried out when he pushed in and took her hard.  

Tino was so thick, the friction was impossible to avoid, but she gave into the tremor of pleasure it caused rather than freeze at the harshness of it. If she could let him get her off in the hallway in front of anyone walking by, she could let him fuck her mean on the cold tile. 

It wasn’t like this was the first time she had him chanting, “I’m sorry,” against the back of her neck, because he knew it was going to be rough. 

It’d been like this from the beginning when Tino finally gave into his demons and took what she’d been offering since they were sixteen. It was harsh, almost violent, but everything in their world was like that and she honestly wouldn’t know what to do with a man who didn’t fuck with the unforgiving passion Tino harnessed. It felt right to her, the crushing, hard driving sea of lust that swelled up and drowned both of them until Tino was taking her like an animal on her hands and knees. 

He groaned as he forced her head to the side and bit her shoulder. Then he started thrusting hard and fast, making it impossible for her to fully catch her breath under the assault of pleasure. 

She didn’t even try. 

Like in the hallway, she just let herself feel it instead. She wasn’t quiet about it either. Her gasps got louder and louder, all the while she savored the sounds Tino was making, those low, sexy grunts of male pleasure that escaped him. 

She came too easily the second time, free falling, wild and unrestrained. Tino followed her a few seconds later, those powerful muscles seizing, his grip on her hair tightening as he shuddered behind her. 

She’d been dancing all night and was still riding high from the first orgasm. Brianna wasn’t as strong as she usually was. She collapsed under him when the pleasure started to wane. Tino followed her, making it obvious he wanted to stay in her. 

Brianna pressed her cheek against the tile and tried to suck oxygen into her lungs with most of Tino’s weight over her. He started dropping heated, breathless kisses against her shoulder, down her arm, with his cock still thick and semi-hard in her. Then he licked at her armpit, and this was usually the point when she would try to shove him away and tell him to stop being gross. Then he’d hold her down and do it anyway until she was too weak with lust to stop him. 

This time she was already too weak. 

So she just let him have his way with her, tasting the salty tang of adrenaline bleeding from her pores. It was easier to help him along than play a game that was pointless anyway. She found herself wrapping her hair around her hand, holding it up so he could lick at the sweat on the back of her neck. When he did finally pull out of her it was only to drag his tongue down the line of her spine, moving lower and typically Brianna would close her legs and tell him something was definitely wrong with him because they both knew where this was going. Normal men wouldn’t want to lick her all over like Tino did, but she didn’t want a normal man. She just wanted Tino. So she fisted his hair, pushing him lower, savoring his groan that was nothing short of pure, unadulterated lust and indulgence. 

“Naughty, naughty girl,” he moaned against the curve of her back. “You want me to lick it?”

“Yeah, lick it,” she urged him on, and confessed for the first time, “I like it.”

She could feel his smile pressed against her left ass cheek. “I knew you did.”

“You’ve corrupted me,” she admitted.

Then she spread her thighs for him, leaving herself completely exposed to whatever got him off, because it got her off too. Neither of them were normal and Brianna was too turned on to deny it.    


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