Chapter Four

Tino’s last name of Moretti earned them their own room, but what it didn’t earn them was their own bathroom and that sucked at about seven the next morning. Brianna had sort of washed off with the bottle of water in their room. Tino had sort of done it too, but there was no denying they both needed a shower after a long night of dancing and fucking. 

The bonus was, neither of them were big sleepers. They were late to bed, early to rise kind of people who could spring from under the covers in a way that irritated most everyone but each other. 

Brianna and Tino were oddly compatible in a lot of ways, so Brianna wasn’t surprised when Tino whispered into the quiet of early morning, “Man, I gotta piss like a Russian racehorse.” 

“Mmm.” Brianna rolled over and snuggled into Tino now that she knew he was awake too. She had been lying there, trying to go back to sleep, but had been failing miserably. “Same. Drank too much. My mouth’s so dry.”

“Dollars for doughnuts we’re the only ones up in this house,” Tino mused. “Even Nova was playing for a reason to sleep in.”

“Yeah, he was,” Brianna said with a laugh. “I don’t know how many shots Carina made him take, but we need to make sure she does that for every party.”

“He only dances when he plans on waking up naked. That’s one of his ace cards. Hopefully some Lost Girl found him. Otherwise one of the guidettes swarming let him accidently on purpose put a baby in her and he’s about to show up losing his mind.”

“Mei’s here,” Brianna reminded him. “And I saw him talking to her in the kitchen.”

“She got him then. He’s out until noon, and Carlo’s past two easy.” Tino stretched out. “That means we’re essentially alone in the world. The last to survive. It’s like the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse past that door.” 

Brianna popped up and looked at him.

Tino quirked a dark eyebrow at her, and then smiled in challenge, making him too handsome to be real with his thick, black hair still disheveled and standing up at odd angles. 

Brianna didn’t know why she knew it was a competition, she just did and she’d always been extremely competitive. What professional dancer wasn’t?

She didn’t ask, she just leapt out of bed and dove for his shirt, because it was the quickest thing to slip on. In the movies, the men’s shirts always reached down to the woman’s knees. Only Brianna was tall for a woman, and Tino favored tight shirts that showed off just how blessed the Moretti genetics and a lifetime of martial arts training made him. 

Brianna was bare assed as she burst into the hallway, but she didn’t need to worry about it much. No one was going to notice her. In the name of battle, Tino hadn’t bothered with any clothes and was right on her heels. They went jogging together sometimes and she knew what an amazing runner he was. So, she shoved him against the door labeled: 

Nova Moretti

You’re not that stupid


Apparently, she was that stupid, and it gave her the lead. Tino hit Nova’s door, and Brianna didn’t look back as she sprinted at full speed. 

She thought maybe she had him as she reached for the doorknob. Tino caught her before she opened it and Brianna screeched on instinct. In the next second Tino clamped a hand over her mouth. 

Tino always won these games. 

Not this time. 

Brianna fought him tooth and nail. She had no idea how Tino managed to keep a hand clamped over her mouth, open the door and shove her inside while she was struggling to break out of his hold. It was kind of scary, because she realized this is what he did for a living and he was very good at it. 

Still she fought him, and once they were inside the bathroom he let go of the tight hold he had on her mouth to better corner her. “Admit I won.” The bastard was smiling, not even breathless as he fought to keep her there. “Admit it and I’ll let you go.”

“Fuck you. I will pee on you before I admit it.”

“I would so let you pee on me,” Tino said without even flinching. “If it came from you I’d love it.”

He made a show of sticking his tongue out. 

“Don’t be gross.” She stopped fighting to get away and hit the back of his head. He only laughed at her. “I’m serious, Tino! Stop it! Even you know that’s messed up!”

“You’re the one who said it. I’m just being accommodating,” Tino countered, and then wrapped his arms around her. “Admit I won.”

Brianna went limp, making herself heavy in his arms until he had to let her go. He was still laughing as Brianna crawled on her hands and knees across the cold tile to the toilet. He probably let her get away, but she was going to pretend not to notice. 




The Mills Basin mansion had a massive water heater, so Tino and Brianna stayed in the shower a long time. 

First, she sucked him until he came in her mouth, back flat against the shower wall, his hand in her hair, making Tino feel like a fucking god. 

Then he got on his knees and licked her until she came—twice.

If he wasn’t feeling golden before, he was then. 

Tino had to fuck her after that, because hearing her come made him rock hard. Feeling her hands in his hair and making her strong body shake to the point that she nearly lost her footing had him jumping to his feet when she got done choking back the cries of her second orgasm. She’d put her hand to her mouth, biting her own palm, and he licked the injury before he wrapped his arms around her and lifted Brianna off her feet. She twined her arms and legs around him as he pushed her back against the wall. 

Brianna moaned as he slid into her, slowly, savoring her. She hid her face in the curve of his neck, biting him to the point of pain to quiet herself. Her nails were sharp in his shoulder, digging in deeper with every thrust. 

He fucking loved it. 

And he told her so in a broken combination of English and Italian. With every raspy breath he took her harder and harder until he was biting and sucking on her neck to hide just how good she felt. 

In the end, they came wrapped up in each other, with the hot water beating on Tino’s back and Brianna’s powerful thighs tight around his waist. Being twenty and in love was fucking awesome. Tino was on top of the world, so high on life he felt invincible. 

“I wish you’d marry me,” Brianna whispered once the rush passed. He was still in her and she was clinging to him because it was hard to sap the strength of a woman who worked full time at honing it. “I know enforcers can’t have wives, but maybe—” She shrugged when Tino pulled back to look at her. “Maybe the borgata could make an exception.”

He felt himself flinch, even though she hated when he did that. “You don’t wanna marry me.”

She put a hand to his lips before he could remind her what he was and exactly where he came from. No matter where they were now, at the end of the day, he was dirty. 

He’d always be dirty. 

“I love you.” Brianna’s voice echoed over the hum of the water against the tiles. “I want to marry you, Tino. I want to be yours in front of God. Don’t you want that?”

He could hardly breathe with how much he wanted it. 

As a man.

As a Siciliano. 

It’d been killing him to hide their relationship. The truth was he’d been letting his guard down more and more on purpose because he wanted people to know Brianna was his. 

He wanted the world to know what he would do if someone hurt her, but still he reminded her, “It’s more than my shit from the past, enforcers don’t have wives because it makes you a target. You’d be in danger.”

“Get me a gun. Teach me to protect myself,” Brianna argued, like it made perfect sense to her. “If you can use one, I can too.”

“You think you can point a gun at someone and pull the trigger?” Tino asked her in disbelief. 

“I think if they were trying to kill me I could.” 

Tino considered that and looked down at her, still wrapped around him. He ran a hand down her arm, feeling the strong line of female biceps under his fingers. Brianna was about as strong and physically fit as a woman could be. If she could out dance and out run most men, she could probably out do them in other ways too. 

He nodded. “Okay.” 

“Okay?” Brianna repeated in shock. “You’ll marry me?”

“I’ll get you a gun,” Tino corrected her with an arch of his eyebrow. “And I’ll teach you how to use it.”

Brianna wasn’t disappointed by the miscommunication. She beamed instead, making her green eyes glow through the mist. That was the problem with having a girlfriend he shared everything with. She understood him enough to know it was his way of taking a step forward, of accepting she was in his life forever and compensating for it rather than simply hiding like he had been. 

Without a doubt, Brianna needed to know how to protect herself if they were going to do this. 

“We’ll see how well you learn,” he said, mainly because he wanted to keep that pleased gleam in her gaze. “Then we’ll discuss the rest.”

“I’m gonna own that gun range,” she promised like a woman who was used to being the best at everything she did. “Wait and see.”

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